English Summary – Period: 30/08 – 16/09

The reason I am writing my blog in Hungarian is that my mom does not speak English. As this was the most important to me I let English as an option go. However, I have so many non-Hungarian friends that I love, I could not leave it this way. Therefore, time to time I am going to make a post in English for you, hoping that some of you would read it.

We have spent a good 2 weeks in France. The flight with Korina went quite well, she just decided to run away from me at the Paris airport, so apart from a few mini heart attacks of loosing her there, I was grateful for an OK trip. I even managed to buy a pretty Clarins lip-shine at the beautiful duty-free shops with the little mademoiselle.

We have settled in at the in-laws, who have a big house at a quiet area of Nantes, about 15 minutes from the city center by bus or tram. The upper level of the house is basically ours, and there is a bathroom upstairs too, so we are pretty comfy except for the fact that all of our boxes, bags, clothes are around us and we are getting dressed from suitcases. Yay!

The first week was like a holiday because Ivo’s sister Lena, Niels and their 2 kids were here too. We had great family lunches and the kids played in the garden.

Korina has started the kindergarten – école maternelle – and I can happily say that she does not cry anymore in the mornings, but she still never wants to go anyway. The first week of crying was pretty hard for her and even harder for me. She still speaks mainly in Hungarian to everyone, though starts to use more and more French words and already have said a few to her teacher as well, who was extremely happy about it. She starts to talk to me in French sometimes too, but I am extremely sad about it. So we are in a funny little mix. Good that she understands everything.

Flat hunting is crazy hard here, I would have never thought. We have only visited 2 flats until now and made an offer for one, which was great, but we were rejected. Also, there are just a few new flats on the rental market every day, unlike in Budapest, where you can visit 5 flats per week if you want. The flats are unfurnished and expensive. Some owners have a certain type of insurance and those flats which have this are inaccessible for us. In general the flats are nice and modern, almost all the same, but some do not have proper kitchens, which is a gigantic surprise for me. We are going to visit another flat at the end of next week. Fingers crossed.

Ivo is already working, he is doing programming every day, and is playing every day. Life is good for him, I dare to say. 🙂 Korina is OK and is getting better every day at the kindergarten, so she will be fine too. She only has a hard time to fall asleep at night and keeps us busy until late in the evening so we do not have a life in the evenings anymore. We will have to manage to stay up later, but we are tired as well.

I am still a bit lost and a bit sad to see that until I learn French properly I will not be able to get a job. All jobs requiring an excellent level of English, which I have, need French too, which I do not have. I start to understand now how hard it is to find a job for a foreigner in Budapest due to the language issue. This is why I am learning blogging online and writing every day. Writing theraphy. Keeps me busy. Also, I cook almost every day, which is a new challenge but it starts to go better and better and at least I feel useful in a certain way, even if I do not get crazy happiness from cooking daily. I feel like I have to start everything from zero or when I was a fresh graduate. Not too nice of a feeling at 38. I may go to a language school from October to speed things up a bit. I am sure I will feel better as soon as my French will reach a “fluent” level. I am also going to take more discovery walks alone in the city center from next week. Hope it will not rain too much, though that is a bit too much to ask in fall in Bretagne. It is fantastic that we are about an hour from the ocean, and last weekend we visited a small town by the beach, which had a lovely sandy beach and beautiful sights. We are very lucky to be able to enjoy this on a regular basis as we are so close to the shore.

Luckily the rental of our Budapest flat on airbnb brought us a few guests in September already and a 3 month rental is coming up soon. Managing this with the Hungarian flat management company has taken quite some of my time at the beginning and at the end of every month I will have some financial tasks as well. This is my little business.

The food is fantastic though. Even the most ordinary things like bread, cheese and ham are so tasty, that it is hard to stop eating them. Another problem with being home all day long is that you always want to eat or drink something. Not good for the waistline. But all the little farmers’ markets and the supermarkets have fantastic products, it is a pleasure to do grocery shopping here. Ivo is doing some biking and running, so he is safe, I am still at risk. I have stopped eating bread 3 times a day, and this helped a bit already.

All on all, everything is OK so far.




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  1. Great to read your news. Moving can be pretty heart-wrenching. Intimately great. Sounds like you are making good progress. Thinking of you all. And the flippin’ great French cheese and bread that you eat each day… ?

    1. Thank you for your comment Andrew! I know it takes time to settle in, but I am not the most patient person. All the best to you in Budapest!

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