Hunting flats in Nantes – Episode 4

Here we go again. We are still sans flat. And our room at the parents’ place looks like what you can see in this picture. Seriously. The good news is that we had a wonderful weekend and we stayed in a hotel last weekend, which almost felt like renting a flat even though just for one night.

We visited 3 flats on Monday and said yes to 2 of them! The third one did not work for us (no place for bikes, paying parking), otherwise we would have said yes to that too. This is out new strategy. We visit a flat and we say we’d like to rent it the same day.

Now we are waiting for the news from these two, which are both wonderful! They are in the same building, both have 2 bedrooms and a small living room with american kitchen. Luckily the whole building is owned by a company, who get tenants for all of their flats. Investment. Cool headed way of thinking. Hopefully this will help us, as we did not get anywhere with the owners and the real estate agents even if we were dressed as if we were going for a job interview. The heart of the real estate market is not beating for us here. Miss you Budapest.

Otherwise, the number of available flats in the preferred neighborhoods is still quite low and the number of the possible tenants is still quite high. To deal with all this stress we decided to have a drink in the city between two flat visits. What else can you do, eh?

On another note, it seems that the perception of a new or old building is different for a Hungarian and a French. When we have visited a flat in a 4 storey condominium we had the following conversation:-

  • Wow, this is a nice new building!
  • Well it is not that new.
  • Why?
  • Because it was built in the 90’s.
  • So it is new then!
  • No, it is kind of old.

Guess who said what! In my opinion, 20 year old buildings in France look like 10 year old Hungarian buildings. I cannot say we are not having some fun with this.

It is Wednesday now, and there are no new flats for rent on the internet according to our search criteria. We are really hoping for some miracle.


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