Moving out and moving in

We are on the move again. From our temporary habitation of 6 weeks to our very own rental. The past 3 days have been all about work, work, work. When you get an empty flat without furniture and you do not have any it takes a bit more than a day to organise everything such a way that the flat should be liveable. Especially if a 3 year old is involved. And to tell the truth, nowadays some people just do not want to live without internet.

After the initial Friday IKEA preview and bed purchase Ivo and his dad drove a few hundred miles in a mini truck to bring the sofabed (that makes bed) pillows, blankets, towels, glasses, pots and pans that we borrow from his brother and his family back to Nantes from Benodet. This took the whole day. In the meantime I was packing up our clothes and toys at the house and was hooked on the website of the second hand market in France, Le bon coin.

Second hand sales are a bit different here than in Hungary. People selling 1-2 years old furniture (lots of IKEA but others too) are not really willing to part with them at a very low price. Things are just a bit cheaper than new, but there is all the effort you need to make to go there, see it for yourself, disassemble it (if it is not already done) and get it home. If we wanted to buy every furniture like this we would need about two weeks to find all we needed or more. The cheap stuff is either really old, or in very bad shape. It is not the best if you are really in a a rush to move in and the lack of certain items makes it impossible for you to do so. Second hand shopping around is great if you really have the time to wait for the right thing to pop up at the right price. Nevertheless, we still managed to buy a few things in excellent condition from the previous tenant. A commode, a fridge a picture for 5 euros (probably IKEA) and all the lamps she had. We borrowed a washing machine, 4 chairs, a sofa, a children’s bed with mattress and pots and pans.

Yesterday we found a really old wardrobe for Korina. It was 30 euros, so it is in pretty bad shape but the right size for her small room. Ivo is a real handyman and enjoys creative things involving fixing and making stuff, so he is going to paint the wardrobe and we bought some new handles for it. I just hope, that the doors will work fine. Remains to be seen, as it is still in the garage.

After this great result we still needed to make a second round to IKEA. It is quite unbelievable how much stuff you need to live comfortably, and I mean to have a pillow and a blanket, nothing extravagant.

Today IKEA had made just another great impression on me. You bet not with their furniture. We arrived just before lunch time, so decided not to go shopping with an empty stomach. I can be very grumpy and mean when I am hungry. (Ivo would say that many other times too, but let’s forget this now). You may have guessed that IKEA has adjusted the cuisine to the French customs and habits here. What does this mean? There is no soup, like in Hungary but there is a cheese plate, macaron, plain yogurt, fruit bowl and wine! Wine in a small bottle of 5 dl, and wine per glass. The red wine is placed on a tray in glasses, like orange juice at a school cantine. So cool! Of course we had some wine. And a great coffee again.

We had to buy some bed-sheets and pillows, as we have left all we had in Budapest for airbnb. We bought a dining table, a gigantic shelf (to store lots of small things in boxes hidden), a toy carpet for Korina, cutlery, wine glasses (you cannot live without these, naturally) a mini, round coffee table (pastel yellow) and loads of plastic boxes to make order. So we are more or less OK for moving in tomorrow, and ready for the arrival of my mom. Clothes are still not arranged though, this will be done sometime later. I have no idea when.

I think I will love this flat. It is very cozy, 60 m2 total with the 2 small bedrooms and there is lots of light. The balcony is square shaped, quite large, so I can make a nice mini garden there and in spring my mom can smoke all the time. This time we went for classic white and light brown furniture and it makes the flat look quite cheerful and bright. The only good part of moving a lot is that you can try a different interior design style every time. White, black, brown furniture, uni-colored assemblies or mixing the colours.

Moving is also great exercise. You are going up and down the stairs all the time with some weight in your hands. Even if you use an elevator, packing boxes through the garage still makes you tired by the end of the day.

I am going to post some pictures soon and maybe even a video tour of the apartment, if the circumstances allow it. (internet)


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